Knife Skills Classes

Cooking can be a chore, or it can be a pleasure. Knife skills can make prep work a breeze, helping you think—and cut—differently in the kitchen.

We pride ourselves on not just selling high-quality knives and accessories but also helping educate. We love helping you find the right knife for your hands and your cooking style. An essential element of our education component is making use of your favorite knives easier and more effective.

You’ll work with your classmates to prep ingredients and grill your homemade flatbread pizzas. We’ll provide beverages! Best of all, each attendee receives a gift of one pair of Wusthof kitchen shears!

What You’ll Learn

In our knife skills class you’ll learn how to choose a specific knife for a specific task, cutting techniques, knife maintenance and how to think differently to become a more efficient, effective cook. You’ll gain hands-on experience in handling, slicing, chopping and dicing with your knife, plus direct, personalized feedback from our master instructor.

  • How to maintain and keep your knife sharp
  • Proper techniques for chopping, mincing and dicing
  • Learning the four basic blade shapes
  • Choosing the right knife for the right job
  • How to select cutlery based on features and benefits
  • How knives are made
  • Knife safety
  • Proper knife storage
  • Hands-on practice with a variety of techniques
  • Included in the class is a free gift of one Wusthof kitchen shears per person!