Inspired by the wild mountains, fjords, and opened seas. Designed and tested by generations of outdoorsmen. Triple-laminated steel bolsters blade strength and preserves a sharp edge. Helle knives have represented the pinnacle of Norwegian craftsmanship since 1932, honest knives ‘Made to be Used’.

  • Dokka, Folding Knife Helle

    Dokka, Folding Knife Helle

    $170.00 $149.00 Sale!
  • Helle Eggen Knife

    Helle Eggen Knife

    $120.00 $109.00 Sale!
  • Helle GT knife

    Helle GT knife

    $170.00 $154.00 Sale!
  • Helle Harding Knife

    Helle Harding Knife

    $150.00 $134.00 Sale!
  • Helle Harmoni Knife

    Helle Harmoni Knife

    $125.00 $109.00 Sale!
  • Helle Hellefisk Knife

    Helle Hellefisk Knife

    $115.00 $104.00 Sale!
  • Helle Lappland Knife

    Helle Lappland Knife

    $190.00 $169.00 Sale!
  • Helle Odel Knife

    Helle Odel Knife

    $150.00 $134.00 Sale!